Hotel Gift - Hotel Gift
Step 1 - Invite group members Step 2 - Check status of contributions Step 3 - Personalise group gift Step 4 - Finalise group gift

How does it work?
The group members are invited by email to join the group gift
Each group member makes a contribution to the group gift
The organiser adds a custom image and personal message
The organizer emails the gift to the recipient or makes a printout
1. Select gift type

2. Select currency

3. Enter group members
Enter your details again as a member if you wish to contribute to the gift as well.

+ Add additional member

4. Enter message to group members
Include the recipient's name, gift occasion, donation deadline, and your name. Example:

Hi all,
Please join this gift for John's birthday. With this Hotel Gift he and Jenny can go to a nice hotel in Paris. I suggest we all contribute €20-40 per person, but feel free to do what you want. Please contribute before next Thursday noon (11th of December). I'll then upload an image, add a text with the names of those who have contributed, and print the gift to give it on his birthday that evening. Please know that once I've done that it's no longer possible to contribute. I'm sure he'll love it!