Hotelcard - Hotel Gift

Enjoy 110.000+ hotels with just one card!

Imagine this: After a long day spending the time of your life in London, New York or Paris, you walk into the most luxurious hotel in the city. Of course, you take the elevator to your room; how else are you going to arrive at your penthouse? Certainly not by taking the stairs to the 21st floor. Once you've arrived at your room, you stand in front of a wall made out of glass and enjoy the beautiful sight of an illuminated city at night. 

Well, that dream is about to become reality! We have created a unique concept that will blow your mind: one hotel gift card for more than a hundred thousand different hotels! It's like a regular gift card, but better! With this hotel gift card, you can enjoy that one hotel you keep dreaming about. You can even personalize your card by putting your own picture on it or even your own personal text. This hotel gift card is just the perfect gift for someone you care about. With just one press of the button, you are able to give someone an adventure they will never forget. Isn't that what we all want? 

Ordering this hotel gift card is very easy: tell us if it's an individual present or a group gift, write down the value of the card (and in what currency!), tell us your name and send it to yourself or someone you care about right away. You can even let it be delivered at a later time. Finally, put down your very own personal text, upload your personal image and you will have the perfect gift in no-time!

Let's go live that dream, shall we?