Hotel Gift - Hotel Gift

Hotel Gift

What will you give your friends who love to travel but you don’t know their favorite holiday destination? A Hotel Gift of course! Hotel Gift is a gift card that can be exchanged for an overnight stay in a hotel of your liking. We offer over more than 110.000 different hotels worldwide, so the choice is endless. Most people find gift cards rather impersonal, but the hotel gift card is special, it can be personalized with a picture and a personal text. This distinguishes our gift card from any other ordinary gift card and gives it something extra so that it is fun to get as a present.

Perfect as group present

It is also perfect when you want to give a group present, because each individual member of the group can chose and add his own budget to the card. And as if the above reasons are not yet enough to choose for our gift card as a present, the next benefit might convince you: the card is forever valid; there is no expiration date. So whereas a Bongo bon or other hotel vouchers are only valid for a limited period of time and have a more limited range of hotel choices, a Hotel Gift Card lets you book any hotel at any time in any continent.

Booking is easy

And booking the hotel is also very easy to do. You just pick the hotel of your choice, decide on the period in which you want to go and then you only have to enter the code on your gift card and that is it. You just booked an incredible holiday. 

So if you want to surprise one of your friends with a original, personal and exciting gift, choose a Hotel Gift Card and your friend will enjoy a fantastic trip.