Hotel Gift - Hotel Gift

Hotel Gift Card - Simple, yet unique

Are you looking for a gift that is really appreciated? Why not donate some valuable quality time? The hotel gift card allows you to do exactly that. The idea is simple, the result is unique.

The hotel gift card is not more complicated than a virtual e-card. The difference is that the recipient ends up staying in one of over 110,000 hotels in more than 170 countries with the partner(s) of his/her choice. The choice of destination is entirely up to the recipient´s preferences, depending if he/she likes mountains, adores city-trips, and enjoys shopping, culture, nature, sports … or why not contributing to the perfect honeymoon?

Sending an hotel gift card is done with merely a few clicks (also when the clock points to one before midnight and the birthday is tomorrow). After defining the gift card value, the sender can select the delivery date and the delivery method - by email or printed. In addition, the card can be personalized by writing a message or adding an image – either pre-defined or through upload. The website even allows you to create a collective gift – by inviting friends or colleagues to contribute to the gift card value. The hotel gift card is useful for gifts at work, such as retirements or promotions.

The hotel gift card can be redeemed at Here, the recipient can select his/her destination, upon which he/she is provided with a list of available hotels and corresponding prices. Is the sum higher than the gift card value, the difference can be paid by credit card. Is the sum lower, the rest can be kept for a later stay.

A Hotel Gift is nice to give, and easy to redeem.