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Hotel Gift Voucher

The Hotel Gift Voucher is a gift card, which can be used in over 170 countries and with the voucher you can choose from more than 110,000 hotels. You can buy the Hotel Gift Voucher online, with your credit card. Which makes the Hotel Gift Voucher a very useful gift for business relations, a personal gift for a romantic trip, or as a well-deserved weekend trip for that hard working friend or colleague.

The Hotel Gift is a virtual voucher, so you can order it from behind your computer, at any time of the day or the week.

Customized Gift Card

Also, you can design the Gift Card yourself. When you have entered the value of the gift card and finished designing the gift, you can send it via email. In order to design it you only need to enter the currency, value and the email address of the person to receive this great gift. Of course does the person at the receiving end wants to know who has sent the Hotel Gift Card, so your name and email is added to the voucher.

Perfect as a business present

What's more is that it is possible to give the Hotel Gift Card with a group. Just enter the email addresses of your friends or business partners and everybody can contribute to the gift voucher.

The Hotel Gift Voucher is a perfect gift for the holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements or any other occasion you can think of!

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